Kapil Pankhania
Your Personal Development Coach


My name is Kapil, and I am passionate about living a life filled with purpose and meaning.

As a personal development coach, I am determined in supporting you to
unlock your true potential in your life.


I have been referred to as a ‘dark horse’ on several occasions in my life.

I was seen as one of the quietest people in the room, if not the quietest. However, those who are closest to me slowly noticed that there was something about me, something below the surface, that was changing.


As the layers had begun to peel back, it had become slowly noticeable in how much I had dedicated myself towards personal development


I went to work on myself. I was on a journey of self-discovery. I wanted to know what it was that is going to make me jump out of bed every morning and conquer the day.


As I was loosening the nuts and bolts of my everyday thoughts and behaviours, I opened myself up to a new whole range of positive habits and desires.  


One day, I’d suddenly felt like I was part of a scientific experiment. A project. 


A project with a goal of creating the best version of myself. 

Welcome to the Dark Horse Project...

...and it was on this day the Dark Horse Project was born.

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