Past Projects

"Kapil supported me to pinpoint my key issues and actions with remarkable speed. The follow up and accountability process was exemplary and 100% effective."
   Doug, University Course Director   

During our sessions, Kapil covered a wide range of life topicswith me. His style is fantastic, being gentle, supportive andmotivating. I left each session with clear goals and feelinginspired to achieve them. I really am a better person after the sessions with Kapil. 

Through comfortable conversation he is able to analyse the key issues to work on, break them down and with my input we agree on the necessary steps to take in order to achieve them. He is insightful, patient and humorous. I really can’t describe how beneficial the sessions with Kapil have been. If you want to be a better version of yourself, I'd highly recommend Kapil.
   David, Self-employed   

Kapil is an excellent coach. He ensures that you are in a safe and secure environment where you freely can express your thoughts and feelings. I had six sessions with Kapil and during that time I managed to get clarification on my future direction with superb support from Kapil.

As a coach he is using his deep listening skills as well as challenging questions, to support you on your journey. I willt hroughly recommend Kapil as your coach.

   Paul, Assistant Head Teacher   

I worked with Kapil in exploring how to reconnect with my work and make better and motivating career choices. From the initial discovery call Kapil did a great job of asking the questions needed to understand the root causes of my issues with my career and get me thinking about them.

I made many important discoveries and more importantly strengthened the fundamental role mindset that it all started and ended with me. I found the sessions with Kapil insightful, therapeutic and empowering. His style is relaxed, curious and calm. 

I came out of the sessions with a clear idea of my why' which was my main objective.
I’d 100% recommend Kapil as a coach.

   James, Corporate Lawyer